The Caucus of African American Nurses and Doctors in Action


The Caucus of African American Nurses and Doctors in Action (CAANDA)was created as a response to the adverse employment action experienced by black nurses as a result of the excessive and abusive use of the “DNR” . Originally intended  by the requesting hospital  to be used as a tool to ban from returning to the  hospital an incompetent Registry nurse who is not skilled enough to function adequately or safely in a patient care setting they were assigned to  , the ” do not return”, “do not sent,” “do not use”, is now being used loosely , callously and maliciously to target and eliminate African American nurses who upset the comfort level of the unit guardian nurses who run the care units to which they are assigned .

Appearing as an objective tool, and often going uncontested by the sending Registry  or effected individual, The charges for which the black nurses are sited , range from minor subjective observations as , “I felt uncomfortable around them because they look like they were on drugs”  , ” they talk to the patient to much”,  to ” i just don’t think he is a good fit.”  A recent report to CAANDA by an African American male nurse , quotes a staff nurse as telling him that he,  ” look just like one of those “n_’s ” in prison.” after which his contract was cancelled.

This form of explicit  and implied  Racial Discrimination is in direct violation of Constitutional Law, Labor Law, Tile VII of the Civil Rights act of 1964 and the Hospitals own policies governing Racial Discrimination and Sexual Harassment.

Please feel free to share your opinions with CAANDA and this blog . We seek input from those  effected by these Adverse Discriminatory Employment  Actions and from those who identify with our cause. Everyone’s input is welcome.







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